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Nicaragua Villa Rentals

Nicaragua is rapidly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Central America as travelers begin to flock to enjoy the beautiful scenery, unspoiled coastline, and delicious local cuisine. Much of Nicaragua is covered by natural forests where visitors can enjoy thrilling hikes among the wonderful flora and fauna of the region. Nicaragua is also home to many exotic animals such as monkeys, toucans, and iguanas. Adventurous tours through the Nicaraguan jungles and forests can be arranged and are a great way to enjoy the tremendous beauty of this lush country. Corn Island, Bluefields, and Pearl lagoon are three very popular Nicaraguan destinations, home to pristine beaches fronted by brilliant azure waters. The snorkeling and scuba diving in these waters is excellent, divers of all abilities will be thrilled with the marine life of the Nicaraguan coast. Regardless of what brings you to Nicaragua, whether it is the scenery, the fishing, the beaches, or the food, there is no better way to enjoy your stay in this Central American paradise than in the comfort of a Nicaraguan luxury villa.